The Common Lisp to C Compiler

Copyright © 1991 - 1996 Wolfgang Goerigk, Ulrich Hoffmann, Heinz Knutzen,
Christian-Albrechts-Universitšt zu Kiel, Germany.

Copyright © 2003 Julian Stecklina


Lots of software is rotting in some archives nobody is looking at anymore. Pearls of programming effort are getting more and more outdated every day, as their implementation language and their host operating system subtly changes. CLiCC belongs to this group, for it is obviously abandoned since 1996 and silently broke on recent Common Lisp compilers. The original CLiCC homepage can still be found at Please direct your browser there to get detailed information about the Common Lisp to C Compiler.

Present status

Getting CLiCC

Look for file releases (non in sight, though) and information about CVS access on our SourceForge project page.

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